Every step we take at Wylde is a conscious effort towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. We recognize the environmental and social challenges facing our world today, and we are committed to being part of the solution. Here's how:

Our Sustainable Journey

Ethical Sourcing

We source our materials with care, ensuring that they meet the highest ethical standards. Our partnerships with responsible suppliers guarantee fair wages and safe working conditions for all involved in our production process.

Eco-Conscious Material

We prioritize the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials - our classic styles and colours are made with recycled fabrics. we work with mills certified in consumer safety and sustainable production processes. This reduces our carbon footprint and minimizes the impact on the environment.

Minimal Waste

We are committed to reducing waste in every aspect of our business. From design to production, we aim to minimize excess materials and repurpose any waste generated.

Slow Fashion Philosophy

We promote the concept of "slow fashion," encouraging consumers to invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that last, rather than disposable trends. By doing so, we reduce the demand for fast fashion and its harmful consequences. We also choose local manufacturing to support our community and reduce the environmental costs associated with long-distance shipping.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable and ethical future—one where fashion harmonizes with the planet and its people.


Made with Love in Canada

Recycled Nylon

Introducing our Recycled Nylon Collection: a sustainable fashion choice with a positive impact. We source high-quality recycled nylon fabric, crafted from post-consumer waste such as discarded fishing nets and old nylon clothing. Join us in making a stylish and eco-friendly statement with our Recycled Nylon Collection.

Sustainable Mills

We only source fabric from mills that incorporate environmentally conscious methods. At present, our partnerships involve mills that hold certifications for consumer safety and sustainable production processes. These sustainable approaches encompass the use of natural gas in the setting and dyeing processes, the recycling of wastewater, the application of antibacterial finishing for all fiber types, and the use of anti-allergenic finishing for all fiber types. Additionally, we prioritize the integration of recycled materials into our fabrics to create our recycled line.

Made in Canada

Crafting our pieces in small batches here in Canada is a core element of our ethical and sustainable commitment. This approach offers several advantages: it reduces our environmental footprint by minimizing waste and overproduction, supports local communities by providing fair wages and safe working conditions, ensures ethical labor practices and transparency in our supply chain, and allows us to focus on quality and durability.